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Brainspotting Therapist - 

Trauma Relief Treatment


What is Brainspotting? 

Brainspotting (BSP) is a therapeutic technique developed by David Grande, PhD beginning in 2003 for the treatment of trauma, unprocessed painful memories frozen in the brain.  The brain stores trauma and this field of research has discovered a connection between eye position, the field of gaze and 'spots' in the brain storing a particular trauma.  It's actually quite effective and patients who have found deep relief where other treatments have been lacking. 


The Brainspotting technique is also used to treat athletes such as MLB catcher Mackey Sasser who had unprocessed trauma which dramatically affected his reflexive ability to simply throw the ball back to the pitcher.  Sounds trivial and perhaps easy to overcome, but he lost his major league career, suffering mass humiliation in baseball stadiums.  ​His ability to function was hampered by repressed trauma.  He tried 50 different professionals until he met David Grande which finally brought him relief.  

A description of Brainspotting can be found on Good Therapy

Brainspotting was listed as the most effective trauma treatment by adults who experienced the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting.  

Newton Sandy Hook Community Foundation Report. (Page 6)

Rhonda David, LMFT is a certified brainspotting practitioner. 


Call or text 805.815.2271 for more information.


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