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Group Counseling / Therapy Thousand Oaks

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are using Zoom Video Conferencing to conduct our telehealth groups.  Group therapy consists of 4-8 people and a therapist committing themselves to meet weekly for 60 - 90 minutes in pursuit of mutual emotional health. Groups can form around topics such as anxiety, a marriage group, women's group etc, or remain open.


My role as a therapist is to foster and model respect, compassion and honesty among members which eventually produces trust allowing participants to take larger risks revealing their internal thoughts, feelings, and struggles.  This reduces many emotional symptoms as people invite each other into their pain.


One of the main benefits of group therapy is to experience the revelation that you are not alone in your struggles. This can be a huge relief. We all tend to think that our problems are unique, while we carry on with a quiet embarrassment.  This will begin melting into self-acceptance and strength when you gather for mutual support with other honest strugglers in a safe therapeutic environment.


Group therapy can assist in healing many psychological struggles that people experience such as depression, anxiety, anger, fear, and shame. An increase in self-confidence comes by revealing our interior lives with others. Gaining insight into other people's problems, goals, and solutions helps us better understand ourselves. 


Please text or call 805.815.2271 for more information. 








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