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Marriage Counseling ~ Thousand Oaks - Camarillo, Ventura County

I'm so glad you're here. I look forward to helping you sort out the issues and gain a sense of sanity and hope  Attending marriage therapy demonstrates a commitment to the relationship that is admirable on the part of both parties regardless of who initiates.


Common Reasons to Seek Help 


Communication Problems -  Once communication becomes consistently negative

it can be difficult to turn it around without help.  Negative communication is defined as one or both partners leaving a conversation feeling unheard, disregarded, angry

or depressed.  Guided listening and sharing techniques can substantially enhance understanding and restore a positive outlook to the relationship.


Anger Triggers - Personal history plays a big part in how communication is interpreted.

Is there high reactivity to perceived abandonment cues?  Is one overwhelmed by a partners expression of need?  Many times we interpret actions through the glasses we are looking through. Wound mapping and correct interpretation of motives are valuable tools in understanding our own reactions and those of our spouse. Marriage counseling can unearth the hidden land mines and bring about healing through understanding and forgiveness.


Circling - Are you having the same argument in different costumes?  Are many discussions leading to the same disagreement?  Are surface arguments masking a deeper conflict?  I would like to help you off this hamster wheel by bringing healing to the root with forgiveness and practical solutions.


Expectations - Every couple makes adjustments to the realities of a relationship with an imperfect person.  Through therapy, couples can safely expose disappointments and learn how to compromise in love. 


An Impasse -  The chances of achieving a mutually agreeable outcome can improve greatly on tough-to-resolve issues when a dispassionate trained third party is helping to arbitrate. 


There are other reasons couples pursue therapy but most people are genuinely seeking peace with their spouse and themselves in a difficult situation.  We will seek to restore the love and respect that originally brought you both together and chart a new and satisfying course for your relationship. 








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