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Individual Counseling ~ Thousand Oaks / Camarillo


Clients seek a therapist for many reasons ranging from a need for personal growth to relief from debilitating thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Mental health issues are experienced on a continuum from normal to severe and debilitating. 


Whatever you are going through, chances are I have dealt with it before many times in my practice since 1992. I can help provide an immediate sense of relief in a confidential and non-shaming environment along with offering new tools to deal with life's challenges.


Common Reasons to Seek Help 


Stress and Anxiety - A little stress?  We all need it.  A lot of stress?  Therapeutic interventions can provide structure, perspective and management techniques for severe stress and anxiety.


Anger and Rage - Anger is a normal emotion which signals a boundary violation or injustice, perceived or real.  Anger can be very motivating in creating change when channeled properly.  But like fire, which  can heat your home or burn it down, when anger turns into uncontrollable rage, intervention by trained professional is important.


Intrusive Thoughts - New research from Concordia University and 15 other international universities show that 94 per cent of people experience unwanted, intrusive thoughts, images and/or impulses.  These thoughts are normal but for some, they can be a source of worry. Cognitive and behavioral interventions can help and when the shame is removed they can just dissipate.  Just knowing you're not alone is a huge relief. 


Depression - It's normal to feel blue once in a while but when the dark cloud of persistent depressive emotions affect self concept, relationships and/or work, it's probably time to seek help in finding the root cause and pursue treatment options.


Addictions - Anything that produces pleasure can become a habit. Substance abuse, food addictions, eating disorders, sex addiction, even working too much can produce unwanted consequences.  I am 12-step friendly and experienced in helping teens and adults break the grip of self-destructive dependencies. 


Panic - No one truly understands the terror of a panic attack unless you experience one. If you are struggling with panic there is good news; it's very treatable and can be managed and overcome.  Learning how to stop a fear cycle can be practiced.  


Grief - Major life changes can be painful. The death or loss of a loved one, divorce, or an empty nest can produce a sadness that can be difficult to verbalize.  Many people seek support while in bereavement to help them understand themselves, come out of isolation and find their way to acceptance and peace. 


Guidance and Direction - "Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed." says Proverbs 15:22.  It is wise to seek out advice on major career issues, life-changing decisions, and relationship choices.  I would be honored to run down the alternatives and likely outcomes with you.   


For these reasons and others, people seek out professional assistance. Seeking help is not a weakness but a strength which is rewarded with positive change and self image. 











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