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What is Telehealth? 
Telehealth with regard to psychotherapy is the use of telecommunications technologies for delivering clinical counseling and professional health-related education. 

The Social Distancing mandated by government as a means to slow the spread of the Cornavirus has elevated telehealth as a vital means of creating and maintaining the therapeutic relationship between therapists and clients.  Social distancing can also be an additional stressor for those already dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma.  We will develop a strategy on how to overcome the feelings of isolation and make connections with people, maintaining your victory through this crisis, which will eventually pass. 

Videoconferencing will keep you safe at home, but allow you to receive meaningful emotional support and guidance with one of our therapists via smartphone or computer.  Tone of voice and facial body language are vital elements of communication and will still accompany the substance of your treatment online.

Please contact us to schedule a video conference and receive instructions on how to connect.  We're looking forward to meeting you.


Rhonda Jean David, MS, LMFT

(805) 815-2271

Safety - Clarity - Healing

Rhonda David, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Camarillo, CA

Coronavirus Update: Video Counseling  Available.  Our counselors are accessible now online via Zoom video conference. 

Please text 805-815-2271.

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