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Family Counseling

Bringing the whole family together...


Family members are all interdependent and are affected by the thoughts, opinions, emotions, attention, approval and activity of the other members. 


Sometimes one member of the family may be 'acting out' such as a troubled teenager and they are actually manifesting symptoms generated by the family system. There is a temptation to 'drop them off' to be fixed, but many times the entire family unit is hurting, and the troubled member is just running the fever.  

Family therapy seeks to get everyone talking and sharing in a safe and non-judgmental accepting atmosphere, so that each member can be heard and the issues surfaced and lovingly sorted out.  

Someone has to take the lead and reach out for help.  Since you have come to this page, perhaps that person is you.  I would love to talk with you and discuss how family therapy works and what you can expect.   Deeper bonds, true feelings and a family embracing one another is worth it.  










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