It's an honor to have you visit.  There is hope for

whatever you're facing. Families have found

break-throughs in reconciliation, love and bonding

while creating healthy boundaries

and developing new ways to communicate.


I have seen many marriages find their way out of

bleakness and anger into a new beginning with

refreshed faith and desire. 


I love helping teens come out of isolation, find their gifting,

and beating their addictions.  I am 12-step friendly.


It's gratifying to assist individual clients overcome grief or depression, sometimes it's recovery through a painful divorce or other distressing situations.  We will develop a game-plan together and find solid ground.  Whatever you're wrestling with, there is an answer.


I'm looking forward to meeting you,


Rhonda David, MS, LMFT

(805) 815-2271

Safety - Clarity - Healing

Rhonda David, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Camarillo, CA
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