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Social Distancing: The Natural Responses

Social Distancing can be difficult but, necessary during this time. WELL DONE STAYING HEALTHY AND PROTECTING YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES. This isn’t an easy situation and it’s natural to find yourself feeling uncomfortable, restless, emotional, confused, angry, grief stricken and frustrated all at the same time. You are having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. 

When we are in situations in which we are in many ways powerless this can bring an experience of “Loss of Control” which can bring on anxious and depressive feelings. This can reduce your sense of purpose, experience of self and motivation. THIS IS A NORMAL RESPONSE TO A VERY ABNORMAL AND TEMPORARY SITUATION. These feelings and thoughts will come and go during this process and they will dissipate as we continue walking through this together. You may find yourself feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed about these feelings. That’s normal too. DON’T ISOLATE. Keep in mind you are not alone and many others are having the same experience.  The best way to work through these feelings is acknowledgment, processing with others and brainstorming ways to get back your sense of control.

Just a reminder, take this process ONE DAY AT A TIME and stay connected. Turn your mind to positive thinking whenever possible. It is possible to boost your mental health and work to “thrive” instead of “survive” while you are socially distancing:

Try to get your body moving, even small efforts can make a difference, walk around your home, dance to your favorite tunes and do a little housework. You Tube has over a Trillion free and fun exercise videos! Including Hot Yoga, Zumba, Dance Aerobics, Work Outs with weights and much more.  

Socialize with Media Support   Keep your friends and family close making sure to stay connected by phone, text or zoom.

Consider some random acts of kindness to connect with each other in a deeper way.

Have you ever heard of Meet Up? They are now offering ONLINE activities and groups to connect with others that you share common interests with such as  Gaming, Tai Chi, Entrepreneurial Start Ups, Keto Dieting, Language Learning, Arts & Crafts, Public Speaking, Zoom Study Groups and more.

According to Coral Murphy in USA Today, there are virtual tours you can take at home. Museums, National Parks, the Zoo, The Great Wall of China, NASA- Mars, Hawaii and more.

100 Things to do while staying at home by KVUE Entertainment News

Rhonda David, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Camarillo, CA

Coronavirus Update: Video Counseling  Available.  Our counselors are accessible now online via Zoom video conference. 

Please text 805-815-2271.

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